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marzo 9, 2020 by Isabel Pinto en Actualidad Animal

Marnie, conocida por tener su lengua afuera falleció a los 18 años. Sus más de 1,8 millones de seguidores la llamaban «la perrita más adorable del mundo».

«Su comodidad había disminuido notablemente durante los últimos días, con pocas esperanzas de mejora y me hizo saber que ya había tenido suficiente… Gracias por acompañarme en este viaje inesperado con el amor de mi vida”, escribió su humana en su perfil de Instagram @Marniethedog.

Marnie, una perrita de raza Shih Tzu, tenía una enfermedad llamada síndrome vestibular, la que provocaba que mantuviera su cabeza de lado.

La perrita, que antes se llamaba Stinky, fue rescatada desde las calles de Connecticut en el año 2012. El servicio de Control de Animales la trasladó a un refugio donde le pusieron ese nombre debido al fuerte olor que emanaba de su hocico.

Luego de vivir unos meses en el refugio, fue adoptada, a los 10 años, por Shirley Braha, productora y directora de MTV y saltó a la fama gracias a las redes sociales, quienes dijeron que era «la perrita más adorable del mundo».

Shirley Braha dijo que «todo lo que puedo sentir en este momento es un dolor inmenso, pero más allá de este sentimiento tengo mucha gratitud…».

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It is with much grief I share the news that Marnie passed away painlessly & peacefully in my home on Thursday afternoon at the age of 18. Her comfort had been notably declining over the past few days with little hope for improvement and she let me know she had had enough. She enjoyed her chicken until the very end. Thank you for joining me on an unexpected journey with the ultimate love of my life. All I can feel right now is loss but beneath that I have so much gratitude. I’m grateful to the universe for entrusting me with her beautiful soul and providing me with the perfect best friend and companion. Im grateful I was able to give this magical creature the fun and deeply loving life she wanted and deserved. I’m thankful I was chosen to be the conduit for Marnie to bring joy into the world. And I’m thankful for all the human and dog friends Marnie and I made along the way, and the strangers on the streets and on the internet, who have shown us so much love. Most of all, I’m amazed that the sweet little hot mess of a pup that I picked up from a shelter at age 11, who at first didn’t seem like she would be around very long at all, has managed to inspire others to adopt senior dogs. When I hear from people that Marnie has made them adopt their senior dogs it’s truly the most beautiful legacy she and I could hope to leave in this world. The night of her passing I had a dream where I watched her awake from her death like it hadn’t happened at all, and she was running around at a party completely happy and invincible. She approached a descending staircase and I wanted to interject to protect her from falling, but she sailed right down the stairs and landed on her feet and stopped and looked at me and laughed and just kept going. Maybe this was a message from her from heaven, but at minimum I can take solace knowing that for a long stretch of time, prior to her aging body taking its toll, heaven for her was right here on earth. Marnie will be buried in a pet cemetery in LA and hopefully there will be a public memorial gathering whenever safe (due to Coronavirus).

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